Nov 17, 2011

Zucchini Marinara

Today I'm having this dish for lunch. It's fast, easy and relatively inexpensive. The fragrance of the marinara sauce is delightful and poignant to the nose! I've posted pics of the spiralizer I use to make my zucchini into instant pasta. It's from World Cuisine and can be found on for $40. The technical name is Vegetable Slicer.

Recipe: Serves about 4

2-3 medium tomatoes
1/2 c. fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 tbsp. onion
3 cloves garlic
1 c. sun-dried tomatoes
pinch sea salt

In a high-speed blender, combine all of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Spiral 6 zucchini and pour sauce over it in a large bowl. Toss until zucchini is covered. Enjoy!


  1. great start! these recipes look fantastic. i'm adding to my grocery list for my next shopping day. I am going to try the smoothie and "pasta". there was a recipe you posted on FB not too long about about brownies or something? i may just dig around for that one and try it too. you know...being pregnant and all my appetite does change a bit. ;-) hopefully for the better with these recipes. Thanks!

  2. I am so happy that you find these to be easy. That's why I posted them. Let me know how you like both the smoothie and pasta. I will post the brownies as well.