Mar 20, 2013

Good-bye fat! Hello Sexy Muscle!

Last summer I started seeing a Personal Trainer in order to start toning my body up.  I had lost a lot of weight and quite honestly didn't have the time nor desire to workout.  In retrospect, I really didn't know what to do in a weight room.  A weight room can be very daunting to someone who has never weight trained, especially women.  Why is that?  Well, I think it's just the fear of the unknown - at least for me it was.  But I refused to think that way any longer, so I told my personal trainer that I not only wanted to get toned, but I also wanted to be able to walk into a weight room with confidence.  I wanted all of those guys to think, "She's got her *#$% together!"  Personal training helped a lot and I was able to break through that barrier of entering the muscle zone with grunting men, sweaty shirts, loud heavy metal music (eye roll) and so many mirrors in case you didn't get a good look at yourself before you came.  Okay, confession....I love looking at my muscles when I'm lifting, so I get it.  ;)

Then came my back issue which put me out for about 4 months.  Hello chiropractor!  I will admit, I've been through some chiropractors in my lifetime and though I was a little skeptical in the beginning, I'm very pleased with where things are now!  I've gone from crying because there's so much pain to running almost 2 miles pain-free!  A-mazing!

Back's good - check!  So now what?  ChaLean Extreme, baby!!  I am on my second week of a Beach Body makeover....and LOVING IT!  Okay, so I must admit, I was a BIG BABY before I signed up.  My thoughts were, "I hate pain!"  "This is going to be so hard!"  "I don't have the commitment level like others do."  "What if I fail?"  Yup!  All of those negative thoughts lured through my mind.  Did I mention that in high school the track coach asked me to run track and I told him only if he could promise me I'd never have to run a day in my life?  Ha!  Needless to say he was shocked when 2 years later he needed a volunteer to run the 2 mile at a competition and it was ME and only me who raised a hand on the bus that day.

Deep down inside though, I want my body to change.  Not just for my overall health, especially my back, but what woman doesn't want to look sexy?  All of these desires and positive thoughts started to override the negative ones.  Everyday I have to tell myself the same thing, "It's gonna be work, but you are worth the work, baby!"  It's not easy, but I feel amazing once I've finished a workout.

So here I am on the second week of my 12 week excursion.  But really, this is more than just 90 days...this is a lifetime change, just like food is a lifetime change.  I choose health!

I write this to inspire others and let them know that EVERYBODY has those thoughts everyday.  Working out is a choice.  Will it be yours?


  1. Awesome! You are so inspiring! I need to take the personal trainer plunge. I feel like right now I'm just wasting time in the gym. You have motivated me to do something about it.

  2. Awesome! Plunge away, gf! I'm happy to have inspired you!