Aug 30, 2012

Hydrating Mango Mask


So, I have never won anything in my entire life - lottery tickets, door prizes, Publisher's Clearinghouse :), etc.  You can imagine my slight excitement when my local library called me two weeks ago to tell me I had won a prize from the Summer Reading Program.  I's the small things in life.  Anywho, I had my choice of many prizes....and they were GOOD prizes.  There was wine-tasting for four at a local winery, free dinner at nice restaurants and of course a free facial (which I chose) at a local spa.  Love my wine, but needed a facial!  To be completely honest...I've never even had a facial in my entire life.  I now see why people get them.  They are lovely in every possible way.  I decided to really treat myself and purchase a discounted 60 minute massage, too.  Why  not?  It was Sunday, my children were spending time with their dad and it was ME TIME!

After some warm towels on my face and cool facial cleaning, the esthetician looked at my skin with her REALLY bright lamp and gave me her overall consensus about my skin.  She let me know my skin was dehydrated (I tend to have oily skin) and gave me a little recipe to put on my skin twice a week as a hydrating mask.  It's messy and lovely in the same breath.  It's messy because there were literally chunks of mango dripping from my skin and I looked like I had just stepped out of a lagoon.  It was lovely because my skin soaked it right up and I noticed an immediate difference in some wrinkled areas.  My skin felt smooth and silky.

The recipe is easy.  It's one mango, 1 tsp. almond oil and 1 tsp. honey.  Blend it together and you have yourself a very inexpensive mask.  You will have enough for about two more masks and a little snack for your baby.  :)  My son loved it, too!