Nov 14, 2011

RAW: The Basics

About 3 weeks ago, a friend commented to me that I should "teach a class" to a group of people about Raw Food and that she would even host it at her house. Well, considering that I live in a tiny two bedroom apartment, it didn't take me long to jump on the opportunity. Within 5 minutes, we had figured out a date and time of when this "class" would take place. Inside I was nervous and excited. I've been a professional teacher to children for 12 years and now I'm stepping outside of the box and sharing about my passion with adults! Well, 6 people turned into 9. 9 people turned into 11 and 11 turned into 14. Tomorrow night I am teaching my first official Raw Food class and I'm ecstatic about it! The name of the class is "RAW: The Basics". The menu is as follows: smoothie, kale/avocado salad, zucchini marinara and chocolate mousse. Here's to hoping everything goes well and that all will be inspired to making healthier food choices!


  1. Thanks, Nikki! I'm really excited about it and am totally enjoying myself!