Nov 17, 2011

Weight Loss

When my daughter was 18 months, I was at a plateau with weight loss. I tried Weight Watchers, which helped a little, but anyone who knows me well knows that I love food too much to count calories, points, etc. Exercising was a challenge as well because I'm just not a gym person and I didn't have the time. So, you can just imagine how delighted I was when I shed 32 pounds within months of implementing raw food and proper food combining into my life! I was back down to my size way before children. I gained around 60 pounds with my son because even though I loved the thought of raw food, I couldn't keep a leaf of lettuce down to save my life! I lost 20 of those pounds giving birth and then I was left with 44 more to go. About a month ago I started becoming more active in my raw lifestyle and today I'm down 10 pounds! I used to be the kind of person who would weigh myself on a daily basis, but one day I saw my daughter imitating me and decided that I shouldn't give the scale more attention than it needed. That day, I stashed it away, only to visit it from time to time.

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