Oct 1, 2013

Day 1

Today's meals were delicious and definitely filling.  I am extremely pleased and amazed at the fact that I went through my whole day without one craving.  People were walking by me with brownies and other desserts and I'm usually tempted by those, but not at all today.  I'm a bit shocked.  Just goes to prove that when you put really great food in your body, the cravings subside.  I also drank large amounts of water today, which isn't going against the norm, but man....I had to excuse myself several times to use the restroom.

Tomorrow I am testing my body for almonds to see if there is any reaction.  Crossing fingers that it's a big fat NO because I love, love, love almonds.

On to day 2 tomorrow.  My lunch bag is all packed with it's goodness.

Update:  10/2/13 - The scale said this morning I lost 4.4 pounds from my first day of the cleanse.

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