Oct 4, 2013

Day 3 - End of Cleanse

I was skeptical today because I was introducing meat protein back into my diet.  I would consider myself a part-time vegetarian.  I wasn't like this in the beginning, but I do occasionally eat ethically raised meat.  My snack before lunch helped to subside my hunger and I wasn't really hungry until dinner came.  No lightheadedness today.....thank the Lord!  

Breakfast was the same, except I added almonds since I didn't have a reaction to them the day before.  I also had an amazing spicy vegetarian soup that was LOADED with zucchini, squash, broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic, chickpeas, etc. for lunch accompanied by a salad without any dressing of any sort.  Dinner consisted of a small portion of chicken with roasted veggies.  All of it delicious, filling, satisfying and again....NO CRAVINGS!  I drank another gallon of water as well.

This concludes my cleanse.  I lost another 1.2 pounds, which brings my total fro this cleanse to 8.2 pounds in 3 days.  That's pretty fantabulous!  For the next couple of weeks, I will be testing different foods everyday for inflammation in my body....even chocolate, wine and cheese.  :)  Ooh-la-la!  


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