Dec 8, 2011

Success 2!

Raw Food class number 2 was a success! I had 6 people in total, which made for a more intimate setting. It seemed like everyone enjoyed the meal and asked questions along the way. What I learned from this class is that people are looking for ways to start! They need guidance. I remember those days when I first got started and feeling extremely overwhelmed. What it basically came down to was every recipe I'd ever known was being put aside as well as the ease of a microwave and a stove. I had this blender in front of me and "I'm supposed to do WHAT with these 5 heads of romaine?" Through the years this process became easier for me as I experimented and experimented and experimented. So, now I'm thinking how I can expand my business and start helping people get started on their journey by doing meal planning for a week and/or coming into their home to prepare meals for them. It seems like people are open to this. Hmm....lots to think about, but VERY exciting!

So the menus for tonight was a green smoothie, an Asian kale salad, zucchini with garlic white sauce and coconut carob haystacks. Everything was similar to my first class, but prepared differently. It sure was fun and it didn't feel like work. That's what I love about doing this!

May the journey continue to snowball! :)

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