Dec 2, 2011

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is becoming a more popular item in health food stores and even Jamba Juice! Why? Because this tiny blade of grass, when properly juiced, is filled with so many health benefits, you'd be silly not to consume it on a daily basis! It contains a high amount of chlorophyll (about 70%), which is a plant's way of encapsulating the sun's energy, and when consumed gives US energy (the all-day kind of energy)and a highly alkalizing effect! Coffee just doesn't sound that appealing anymore, since it can't deliver the same kind of results....and not to mention toxic to your body. It also hold 80 known enzymes and 17 amino acids! That's just what researchers KNOW at this very moment! Imagine all the benefits that have yet to be discovered. To enjoy this superfood in the best way, it should be freshly juiced because it is extremely fibrous and indigestible for the human stomach.

Here are some ways in which our bodies benefit from wheatgrass juice.

1. Prevents Alzheimer's Disease by removing heavy metals from the system.
2. Body Building: Remember those amino acids? They are the building blocks for protein and wheatgrass is reported to be 50% protein. MOVE OVER BEEF!
3. Lowers high blood pressure
4. Reduces cancer risk due to high chlorophyll and beta-carotene found
5. Reduces inflammation due to the high alkalinity properties
6. Weight control is maintained by relieving the body of cravings
7. Has the ability to stabilize blood levels for diabetics
8. Prevents tooth decay, gum bleeding and bad well as body odor!


Aren't these reasons enough to say, "Grande Shot of Wheatgrass" versus "Grande Cappuchino"?

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