Mar 27, 2013

The Baiden Mitten

One of my friends on Facebook loves a website called "Pinup Passions", so every now and again, I'd see her "like" one of their pics or posts.  She is a happily married woman to a truly amazing and loving husband.  Both of them just rejoiced in the birth of their second baby this past year.  What I have noticed is that her makeup always looks she just walked out of a Pinup Passions magazine.  I am still trying to figure out the whole makeup thing, so I decided one day to take a look at the website to figure out if there was a secret I could unfold.  I clicked, I searched and there it was -  a cute little video about an inexpensive microdermabrasion mitten called The Baiden Mitten.  You must watch the video because I love the woman's accent....and wit....and of course, her makeup.  Here's the link:   I have noticed my skin, especially my face, needs some attention these days, but my pocketbook will not cooperate.  Priorities...feed the kids or spend money on my face every month.  Hmm....considering my children never stop eating even when I ask them to (just kidding), I guess I'll have to feed them.  But for $50 I can have a DIY experience, that's a no-brainer.

Yesterday I received it in the mail, read all of the instructions with enthusiasm and excitement and tried it after my late night workout.  I started on my face and worked my way South.  What I can say is that it did what it said.  I saw all my dead skin balling up only to be washed away and taken down my shower drain.  My skin felt smoother, especially my face.  I almost slipped and fell in the kitchen because my feet were also released from the clamps of dead skin.  (Don't try this at home)  But most of all, I felt invigorated from the detoxing experience.  Heavenly!  But trust me, your arms will get a workout...and after I had just lifted weights, I was definitely feeling it.

So here's what it does promise - Immediate Improvement in the following:
 - blackheads and large pores
 - skin firmness and wrinkles
 - scars and stretch marks
 - skin tone and dryness
 - deep skin detox
 - discoloration
 - even tanning
 - acne control

I cannot compare this to a spa experience because I've never had one, but check out the reviews on google.  It seems like a really great product.  With a 60 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty, it's worth a try.

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