Sep 29, 2013


Recently I've been doing more research on how foods cause inflammation in our bodies.  I consider myself a relatively healthy eater.  I cheat sometimes, but hey, one has to live.  I have been noticing, though, that even with healthy choices, I still get bloated and gain weight from it....significantly.  I had a 5.5 pound difference between evening and morning just this past week, so I know that certain foods are causing reactions in my body and now the mission is to find out which foods.

I was going to start a 3-cleanse tomorrow and thought I was prepared, but alas, I need to do some soaking overnight and baking before I can start.  So Tuesday will be my start day.  After my cleanse, I will proceed in an elimination process to figure out which foods exactly are the culprits.  And once I find out, I'm taking them down!

What I like about this cleanse is that I can still eat food.  I'm not a big juicing person only because I don't own a juicer YET.  So, this cleanse works for me and my appliances on hand.

Why cleanse?  It's a way to reset the body by decreasing inflammation and creating a neutral base line.  This way, when introducing new foods, you are able to test them accurately.  Interestingly enough, cleansing is an ancient practice in which nearly every culture and religion participated in.  Through time our bodies become desensitized to the foods we eat all the time.  But when you do a cleanse, your body gains it's function back of properly recognizing invaders.  I remember when I switched over to an 85% raw food diet and after two months of this, I shared in a Thanksgiving feast with family....turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.  Within an hour I was doubled over in the most intense pain.  Do you know how many Thanksgiving dinners I've had and this has never happened?  It was then that I knew I was doing the right thing for my body and continued on that path.

My plan is to document my journey throughout the cleanse and elimination process.  I hope any reader will find it informative and encouraging.

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