Jan 17, 2013

Is Cereal Harmful for the Human Body?

Cereal....what's not to love about it?  It's easy, it's dependable, it's got VA-RI-ETY.  Many people have it for more than just breakfast.  Toddlers are chewing on Cheerios in grocery stores, church, libraries and plane rides.  I'm sure cereal is a staple in almost every household across the United States.  We have come to trust this little box that sometimes comes with prizes and fun little puzzles on the back.  In fact, many consumers are excited about that little marketing trick called, "Made With Whole Grain".  Even Lucky Charms has dooped people into thinking their box of magic is somewhat nutritious, right?  So this is where I burst your bubble.  You better grab the peanut butter because this could get messy.  Ready?  Here it is.  Cereal is NOT healthy - for anybody - no matter how many whole grains come in the box.  In fact, the more whole grains and ORGANIC it is, the more unhealthy it is.  Yes - that is right.

I'm sure you're baffled, right?  Let me tell you why cereals are so unhealthy.  It goes back to a couple of things.  Number 1 - our stomachs.  Humans have a small stomach, which makes less room for food items to digest properly, especially grains.  Grains need to be properly prepared (soaked in acidic water to break it down) before eating so that it's not toxic to our body, namely the nervous system.  Number 2 - cereals are made by a process called EXTRUSION.  A grain is taken at very high temperature and pressure then pushed through an extruder operator to make your Cheerio, corn flake, puffed rice, etc. This process is extremely dangerous for humans, considering the kind of stomach we have AND considering some other information I am about to share with you.

Isn't it interesting that there has not been ONE published study on the effects of these cereals on humans or animals.  Not one.  There are, however, 2 unpublished studies out there and the results are frightening.  One unpublished study was discovered by a man named Paul Stitt who used to work for a cereal company and found unpublished files.  He revealed them in his book called, Fighting the Food Giants.  The study was done on 4 groups of rats. 

First group  received plain wheat berries and water – lived over a year
Second group received sugar water and vitamins – lived 6 weeks (shows you cannot live on vitamins alone)
Third group received water alone – lived 4 weeks
Fourth group received (extruded) puffed wheat and water – lived 2 weeks

The other unpublished study was done by a scientist.  I am uncertain of his name, so I will not post it.

When preparing oatmeal, soak your oatmeal in warm water overnight with a little lemon juice to make it acidic.  This will break it down and make it ready to digest in your stomach.  Drain it the next morning, then bring other water to a boil and cook for one minute.  Let it sit for about 5 minutes.  I usually add some raw cacao, hemp seeds, and chia seeds once it's finished cooking....oh, and a little raw honey.  I hope you find this helpful and eye-opening!

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