Jun 2, 2012

The Dirty on Restaurants and Eggs

About a month ago, I was with my family at a local restaurant and decided to order a veggie omelette since the menu selections (salads) were sad little selections.  If I'm going to pay seven something for a salad, it better have more than just iceberg as a selection.  About one hour after eating it, my stomach was going through something fierce!  I was doubled over in pain and bloated for the rest of the day.  It was so awful and took me back to my pre-raw days.  Now, I have eaten eggs before and I don't remember going through this much pain.  Either I had food poisoning or it was the eggs.  My sister was with me at the time and put a thought into my mind, "Maybe the eggs were from a box."  I hadn't even thought of that.  So, I was now on a mission.  Since that episode, I have been to four different restaurants, one being the famous Egg Harbor Cafe, and have ordered eggs.  Each time I have ordered eggs, I asked the question, "Are the eggs from a box or from the egg itself?"  Every response has been, "From a box."  Even my waitress from Egg Harbor Cafe didn't know this until she asked the cooks in the back.   She, too, was shocked!  And this goes for egg whites only AS WELL AS the whole egg!!  So if you're thinking about an omelette or scrambled eggs at your next restaurant, make sure you tell them to crack yours open. 

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