May 7, 2012

Raw Honey and Super Foods

Just a spoonful of honey helps the super food - go down!  If only Julie Andrews were here....I would help her rewrite those lines in one of the most famous songs from Mary Poppins.  Can you imagine the global effect that would have by now?  It's never too late, right?

So...super food.  Just think about all the wonderful attributes of Superman (strong, healthy, attractive, optimistic, invincible, etc.) and transfer those to super foods because that's basically how I feel about these incredible and amazing gifts from God!  My favorites to choose from are maca, spirulina, cacao, and goji berries.  I usually put these items in my smoothies or desserts.  Sometimes, in fact many times, people are either too busy or TOO BUSY to make healthy meals for themselves.  Here's a little tip to get some of these very important super foods into your body.  Take one tablespoon of raw honey (yes, straight from the beehive) and mix it in a tiny bowl with a teaspoon of one super food.  This is really more for those powdered forms of super food.  It's a quick, easy and delicious way to get your "boost" for the day without all the gadgetry or hassle.  Consider it like a vitamin.  You can do this before each meal so that you are getting as many super foods into your diet on a daily basis.  And if you do this enough, you may even feel so incredible that you find yourself adding a little song to your new routine....with a British accent, of course.  ;)

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