Jan 8, 2012

Mexican Fiesta Night

So this weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. I had one raw party on Friday, which was a basics class....turned out to be a wonderful evening and I was asked to possibly make a pasta salad for an event. Nice! From that party, I was asked to do another one by the hostess for the ladies who missed it. I loved how everyone was amazed at how delicious raw food can be.
Last night I had my first themed class, Raw Mexican Fiesta. We started with rawgaritas, then moved to a sprouted quinoa salad. From there we ventured into the entree.....TOSTADAS....which had four parts to it - onion bread, nut meat, nut cheese and a killer salsa! I've come to love this dish! The onion bread is dehydrated, so I was able to show everyone two examples of a dehydrator and encourage investing in one, since it's super easy and you never have to worry about burning your food when you step away from it! We topped off our evening with maca-cacao truffles. Topics of discussion were protein, sprouting, and dehydrating all while the hostess's husband served us cocktails! I remember at one point I had a glass of wine and a margarita in both hands.
Thanks to everyone who attended both events! I had a great time preparing and showing how to prepare all of these delicious meals.

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