Nov 12, 2012

Benefits of Mushrooms in Your Diet

Why was the mushroom invited to the party?  Remember that joke from your childhood?  Well, the mushroom is always on the invitation list in my home.  We go through them pretty fast around here...but we definitely don't overdo it and I'll tell you why you shouldn't either later on.  But I'd like to go through all of the amazing benefits this little forested wonder holds for the human body.  Are you ready?

First of all, let's look at the common button mushroom...the one that more than likely gets overlooked due to the popular portobello.  Well, for all you meat-eaters out there, this is a great mushroom for you to ingest as it reduces all of the "heat toxins" from the body.  Not only that, but it also decreases the fat levels in the blood.  Okay, you had me at decrease fat.  ;)  This little mushroom can pack a punch against respiratory mucus, tumors and post-surgery cancer metastasis AND it build immunity!  Can I get some Kung-Fu Panda moves on that one?  

The Shiitake mushroom is amazing, too.  So amazing that it is said to be a natural source of interferon.  What is that?  It's a protein that gets set off in the body to protect it against cancer and viral diseases.  Hmm...two mushrooms that protect the body from cancer.  Are you with me?  In fact, the Shiitake mushroom is used in treatment of cancer, especially stomach and cervical cancer.  

There is a caution with mushrooms used by long-term vegans and that is unless you are using it to treat a disease, you should limit the consumption as it can be too cleansing during convalescence.  

I love including mushrooms into my meals whether it be chopped up in a soup, sauteed, dehydrated or eaten raw.  Personally I take a mushroom supplement called Reishi Mushroom.  It's known to prevent cancer, especially ovarian cancer, and it decreases toxins in the liver.  You can find Reishi Mushroom at health food stores or online.

What kind of mushroom is your favorite?

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